Judge, Jury, and Dictator

Liberty City Six Judge Joan Lenard refuses to pay a P.I. after he speaks out.

First, McMahon was trying to bring justice and fairness to the trial, not the other way around. Second, he's not a lawyer, and nowhere in the court's rules does it say private investigators are forbidden from releasing information.

Levin filed multiple appeals to Lenard's ruling, explaining McMahon had "led the investigation and did the majority of the work." The argument didn't impress Lenard, who made her final ruling this past December 19, authorizing only $985 in expenses.

The judge's action seems, in a perverse way, a fitting coda to the ridiculous case. During a trial that is supposedly about preserving America and its way of life, the judge basically fined a man a large sum of money and banned him from the trial for speaking out.

P.I. Rory McMahon got screwed by a federal judge for speaking out against her.
Melissa Jones
P.I. Rory McMahon got screwed by a federal judge for speaking out against her.

Sounds more like Iran or North Korea.

McMahon has taken his case to U.S. Congressmen Alcee Hastings and Ron Klein, so far with no response.

Lenard, meanwhile, is presiding over the third trial, which itself is an outrage after two juries have already chosen not to convict. The prosecution apparently will keep going until it somehow gets its way.

And the juries were surely influenced by McMahon's work, or at least the bits and pieces of it the attorneys were able to get past the judge.

So his work hasn't been forgotten. This past February 22, the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers named Levin winner of the Rodney Thaxton "Against All Odds" Award, which is given to an attorney who "epitomizes the courage to stand apart (and often alone) as liberty's last champion." After it was announced, Levin sent off an email to McMahon: "You own a piece of this. Thanks."

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