Miami Photographer Finds Beauty in the Mundane

See Peggy Levison Nolan's work at the Dina Mitrani Gallery.

Nolan mentions that at one time, she photographed weddings to support herself rather than venture into the dog-eat-dog gallery scene.

"I would tell my clients that I was an artist shooting a wedding and was a real hard-ass about it," she chuckles. "What made me stop was that I felt I was losing my edge. I finally decided it was time for me to speak up."

Nolan pauses to mention that last June, she was run over by a truck while riding her bike and lost a kidney because of the accident. "It gave me perspective about how fragile life is, and I felt it was time to do this."

Peggy Levison Nolan's Thinking (Alice)
Peggy Levison Nolan's Thinking (Alice)


"People, Places, and Things": Through April 4. Dina Mitrani Gallery, 2620 NW Second Ave., Miami; 786-486-7248, Tuesday through Friday 1 to 5 p.m.

Her debut at the Dina Mitrani Gallery is not only long overdue but also a full-throated roar that Nolan's talent is way too loud and mighty to ignore.

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