Healing Haiti

Aaron Jackson went from homeless to hero. Now, with the help of Rainn Wilson, he's trying to cure a country.

"So many people out there want to do good things," Valerie says. "So many people want to help make the world a better place. They just need someone to lead them and tell them what needs to be done. That's why the world needs someone like Aaron."

"I believe we're citizens of the world, not of a city or a county, but of the entire world," Wilson says. "And everyone can do more, sacrifice something. I know it sounds corny, but there really is a little bit of Aaron Jackson in all of us."

Rainn Wilson's event raised about $50,000, short of the almost $200,000 required to deworm the entire nation. But the donations are still enough to buy 2.5 million treatments for children in Haiti.

Aaron Jackson
Orly Olivier
Aaron Jackson
The worm show
Orly Olivier
The worm show

Two weeks after the event, Aaron's second appearance on Larry King Live aired on CNN. Aaron hopes that, with the exposure, he'll have reached the goal of 10 million treatments. Next year, he says, he'd like to raise 28 million.

That night, Aaron Jackson went to bed at a decent hour, on the 20th floor of the Renaissance Hotel, in a comfortable bed overlooking the Hollywood hills.

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