The Agent from Iran

How a mother of two ended up in a plot to smuggle high-tech gear to the enemy.

Gholikhan's emotional yet convoluted story was a hard act to follow for prosecutor Michael Walleisa.

"It's normal to have sympathy for the items she has put before you," he said to the jury. "But this defendant is intelligent, resourceful, cunning, manipulative, deceitful, and independent. And she proved that with her own testimony." In closing arguments, Walleisa reviewed the evidence: The phone numbers all matched up. She admitted sending e-mails. And Farideh Fahimi kept mentioning she had a heart problem. The coincidences were too great to ignore. On the contrary, Gholikhan's wild tale of victimization was just that — a tale.

On the ninth day of trial, after a day and a half of deliberation, the federal jury made its call. It found Gholikhan guilty on three counts related to exporting weapons and not guilty on the three related conspiracy counts. Sentencing is set for March.

Gholikhan (left) says her ex-husband was a manipulative and sadistic man.
Gholikhan (left) says her ex-husband was a manipulative and sadistic man.
Shahrzad Mir Gholikhan with ex-husband Mahmoud Seif.
Shahrzad Mir Gholikhan with ex-husband Mahmoud Seif.

As she packed up her yellow legal pads and U.S. marshals led her away by the elbow, Gholikhan said she felt "the prejudice of the American nation." But it was okay. "I won't give up. I will appeal. God is here."

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"mulsim traditions"? I don't think the uneducated auther knows what he is talking about, let alone being able to find Iran on any map. Then again this is florida news (and full of lies as usual) This woman is innocent. Find another job.

By the way, since when are night vision goggles "weapons"?  Unless you throw them at someone of course or hit them over the head with one.

Now let's talk about those poor innocent US "hikers" that crossed "accidentally" into Iran while they were "hiking in Iraq" while the US was bombing Iraq and threatening to do the same to Iran.

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