GableStage Whips out Adding Machine

Welcome to a horror show of a musical; theatergoers pray it's not prescient.

Meribeth Graham (left), Oscar Cheda, Jim Ballard, and Irene Adjan
George Schiavone
Meribeth Graham (left), Oscar Cheda, Jim Ballard, and Irene Adjan


Adding Machine: Written by Joshua Schmidt and Jason Loewith. Directed by Joe Adler. With Irene Adjan, Jim Ballard, Oscar Cheda, Ken Clement, Meribeth Graham, Lisa Manulli, Stacy Schwartz, and Barry Tarralo. Through January 25. GableStage at The Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables; 305-445-1119,

Life might have seemed precisely this blinkered when Rice wrote the original play in the postwar industrial purgatory of 1923. Science, progress, the future — all roads must have seemed to lead to the same faceless gray cities, to the same kinds of mechanized alienation in which anything soft and organic was redundant. It's a Marxist critique, and one most grownups think we've outgrown. But it still has power as art. Let's hope we can respect it as such, despite our fear that Loewith and Schmidt's choice of source material won't prove prescient. Our fear is useless in any case. Canaries, after all, do not kill miners.

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