Surfer-Girl Songwriter Deblois Plays a Sunset Show at the News Lounge

She's packing up and taking her campfire groove to Tinseltown.

"If you put your heart on your sleeve, everyone will say 'I know that heart,' not because it's yours but because it's theirs," reflects Deblois. "I'm a little more willing now to show the blood and guts, not just wipe the mascara."

That's exactly what she does on new songs such as "Fire in the City," which is about getting stuck between the Southern California wildfires and the Pacific Ocean. "It's very percussive with extremely fast lyrics and a heavy delivery," she says. But once again, she shows her buoyancy on the new track "Make Me Like a Boat," which she describes as "swampy." "Calling for Change" is a tribute to the way President-elect Barack Obama rocked the boat of American politics and ideology. But she says it's really about all kinds of change — about learning to overcome anything that seemed nearly impossible.

"Sometimes you do want to just flip everything on its head — I guess I kind of meant to turn the ship around, but I was feeling melodramatic," Deblois says.

Deblois's sweet style is irresistible.
Courtesy of Deblois
Deblois's sweet style is irresistible.

Location Info


The News Lounge

5580 NE 4th Ct.
Miami, FL 33137

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Dade


Deblois: Sunday, December 14. The News Lounge, NE 55th Street and NE Fourth Court, Miami. Show starts at 5:30 p.m. Admission is free. 305-758-9932,

It's that ability to ride the waves and paddle back into them that will surely impress Angelenos as much as it has Miamians. That, and the way her voice catches its listeners with a few sweet notes, pulls them upward with deep-chested voluminous force, and then rides them down into a reflective whisper. "I just really believe in jumping in," she says. "That's how I like to roll."

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