Mad Cat Theatre Gives Us a Mixtape

Paul Tei and company ponder Sondheim, Steinman, and the meaning of life.

Local playwright Marco Ramirez in "The DJ Lights a Cigarette."
Paul Tei
Local playwright Marco Ramirez in "The DJ Lights a Cigarette."


Mixtape: Through November 22. By various authors. Directed by Paul Tei. With Sofia Citarella, Troy Davidson, Erik Fabregat, Joe Kimble, Erin Joy Schmidt, and Paul Tei. Mad Cat Theatre at the Light Box Studio, 3000 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 305-576-6377,

The last skit of the night is a surrealist take on the same thing, called "The Wereloaves of Brickell Avenue." A wereloaf, of course, is a man who, one night of the month, transforms into Meat Loaf, né Marvin Lee Aday, the hefty rocker who turned Jim Steinman's cheesetastic, bombastic songs into vast, swirling epiphanies of teen romance, lust, and wonder. Kimble plays the man in his non-Loaf guise — beaten, shy, and locked into an office job he despises. When he becomes Meat Loaf, played by Fabregat (who looks like he has never had such fun in his whole damn life), he is a creature of myth and motorcycles, love and one-night stands, danger, adventure, and 19th-century tuxedos. It's ridiculous and innocent and beautiful. It's also the funniest 15 minutes of theater I've ever seen. I felt sorry for the broken little man portrayed by Kimble. But as long as he has that one night of the month, he'll be just fine.

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