Gay Hate in Miami Beach

A condo association rejects a dream tenant and his partner.

"It was a slap in the face," says attorney Matthew Dietz, who represents Bloomfield. "The shocking part is that, of all places, it's Miami Beach." Using the EOB finding in court, he plans to sue the condo association, alleging Bloomfield and Gonzalez suffered "humiliation, mental distress, emotional distress, embarrassment, shame, worry, and frustration," according to a draft of the complaint.

Condo office manager Jackie Moraga would not provide contact information for association members. Tower 41 attorney Steven Davis contends no prejudice occurred. "They don't feel they have discriminated. They have all types of people in there. To me, this is not a big deal."

Says C.J. Ortuño, executive director of SAVE, a gay rights advocacy group: "This is exactly the type of case we had in mind when we were fighting for the gay rights ordinance."

Steven Bloomfield (left) and Jose Gonzalez
Jacqueline Carini
Steven Bloomfield (left) and Jose Gonzalez

Bloomfield is still awaiting return of his $3,000 deposit. Seething, he adds, "Jews have been excluded for centuries. I don't know why they'd want to do the same to me."

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