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The Undoing

Through November 15. Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, 194 NW 30th St., Miami; 305-573-2130,

Kaws's Smurfs
Kaws's Smurfs

Daniel Arsham makes you feel like you're crossing the threshold into an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, where elements of architecture and nature collide in a fractured utopian landscape. His immaculate gouache-on-Mylar drawings depict lush tropical settings where marble slabs, rods, and beams erupt from the earth and hurl themselves toward the horizon beyond the trees. The drawings vibrate with an eerie twilight glow that adds a chimerical quality to the scenes and suggests with subtle aplomb the collapse of civilization. One way in which Arsham connects with the viewer is by adroitly tearing into and tinkering with the gallery walls. He has also niftily freed nature from his drawings, bringing creeping vines into the space with what appear to be marks from a blowtorch or candle smoke. Don't miss Corner Knot, almost imperceptibly tucked away in a corner near the exit. Like most of the other works in the show, Arsham has cunningly created the illusion of a harmonious order between man and nature by pulling opposing gallery walls together and gift-wrapping the contents in a giant jarring bow.

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