Actors' Playhouse Does 1776

Coral Gables' Miracle Theatre dusts off a myth.

Alberto Romeu


1776: Written by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone. Directed by David Arisco. With Gary Marachek, Ken Clement, David Jachin Kelley, Barry J. Tarallo, Shane R. Tanner, Irene Adjan, Colleen Amaya, Jim Ballard, and Javier Ignacio. Through October 26. The Miracle Theatre, 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables 305-444-9293,

That voice coupled with even an irrelevant play would make 1776 a perfectly enjoyable night at the theater, but it's more than that. In other reenactments of American myths — Johnny Tremain, The Last of the Mohicans, Pride & Prejudice — the talk of the characters often sounds weirdly anachronistic. But now, with our leaders preoccupied by grave issues of foreign policy and American self-definition, it's very much of the moment. The chatter doesn't sound distant. We — even the kids in the row behind me — are speaking their language again.

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