Michael the Black Man Trashes Obama

A former cult member crashed the UM rally.

Worse even, is Obama's defense of child support, which Symonette considers "legal slavery." Symonette once owed $50,000 for his own kid, and he apparently hasn't shaken the trauma. President Obama, he is convinced, could bring about virtual extinction of the free black male as soon as 2012.

And don't even get him started on Oprah, a "devil" and "hell-bound Jezebel." "If Obama is elected, there will be an international, insane war, and nobody will survive," he says. "And Oprah knows that! She wants everybody to die with her black ass!"

He won't identify the others who protested at UM, but as he led the pack of 20 or 30 followers from the BankUnited Center, a timid-looking man in his forties stayed behind to talk to a reporter. "Harold, get over here!" scolded another member of the entourage, and Harold scurried away, joining the impromptu parade down a quiet street, bewildering all whom it passed.

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I'm surprised he hasn't been picked up by WIOD yet. 

He seems like he's their kind of talent.

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