Selling Out at the Miami Herald

The newspaper's county hall reporter takes a six-figure job with the very people he was supposed to cover.

Tallahassee bureau reporter Marc Caputo posted an angry screed slamming Pinzur in "Readme,'' the newspaper's internal electronic bulletin board. It included direct quotes from the aforementioned faux obit. But it was quickly pulled and replaced with the following: "Minding the Golden Rule supplication above, I've stricken my angry rant on the recent departure of one of our former colleagues. Suffice it to say: It reeks of offensive deal-making."

Rabin wouldn't say whether he thought Pinzur's coverage could have been stronger. "Once in a while we had a difference of opinion," he comments, "just like all journalists do."

Responds Pinzur, who begins his new job October 6: "Chuck [Rabin] is a spectacularly good reporter. I have a huge amount of respect for him."

Pinzur adds that his county reporting stands on its own merit. "I think there are plenty of stories that administration didn't like and plenty they did like. I never judged my reporting on what the people I was covering thought. I never slanted stories one way or the other, and certainly not in anticipation to get a job."

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