Neighbors Battle in Cutler Bay

This showdown means restraining orders, anti-Semitism, guns, and 68 calls to the cops.

Chris Askler, who lives three houses down from the Maldonados, says Robbins has been a nuisance, sometimes following Ryan Maldonado down the street in his car and confronting him. Askler says he has seen Robbins shining his headlights into the Maldonados' front yard when they are outside. "You see someone going after your kid, you're gonna protect him," Askler says. "Mr. Robbins claims he is in fear of his life. Why, I don't know. Tommy is a real neighbor. He tries to help you out."

Maldonado family friend Pete Martin says Robbins wants to drive the family "crazy." "He wants [the Maldonados] to do something stupid. Since he is a former cop, he knows exactly what to say and what to leave out when he calls Miami-Dade Police to report an incident."

Robbins also blames police for his problems. He has filed internal affairs complaints against seven Miami-Dade officers — all Hispanic — accusing them of falsifying incident reports. "Every single cop that comes out here is Hispanic and everybody across the street is Hispanic," grouses Robbins. "I can't help but wonder if it is some animus toward Anglos or Jews."

Chad Crowe

And it doesn't appear the hostilities will end soon. Robbins and Thomas and Ryan Maldonado all recently filed for new 90-day restraining orders.

Shortly before dusk this past August 26, as he was escorting this reporter out of his home, Robbins noticed that Thomas and Ryan Maldonado, along with four skateboarder friends, were in their front yard. The gathering seemed to be paying no attention to Robbins. Ryan was working on his car while his friends practiced tricks on their skateboards.

"That's a violation of the restraining order," Robbins complained. "They are not supposed to be out there loitering." Sure enough, he called police.

About 15 minutes later, two uniformed officers arrived at Robbins's house. He opened the door, handed one of the cops the restraining order, and pointed toward the Maldonado home. After a few minutes, the officers got into their cars and drove away. They did not question the Maldonados.

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