Coral Gables Muckraker George Volsky Busts City Manager David Brown

He's going down for wasteful spending.

The police report states that around 2 p.m., Voslky "barged into [Garcia's] office unnanounced" and "began asking questions about her current job transfer." She told him she didn't want to speak about it and then called Brown.

Another receptionist at the mayor's office, who identified herself as Lily, explains Volsky is seen as a pest around city hall. "He doesn't report the positive," she says. "We call him the National Enquirer reporter."

Outspoken Coral Gables political activist Pat O'Rorke, however, thinks it serves a purpose to have him "digging around." "Boy, Brown keeps giving him material," she says. "This administration needs to get its ego in check. It's time for a new city manager."

Adds Volsky: "People think Coral Gables is squeaky-clean. But it's going down the drain."

The muckraker's next political battle won't take place in socialist Cuba or war-torn Europe. He'll fight this one in the Gables. He plans to contact the State Attorney's Office regarding his removal from city hall. "It's not just an attack on me," he says. "It's an attack on the press."

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