Diaspora Vibe Gallery Offers a Crazy Cacophony in the Design District

The J.Lo video spoof will make you cackle.

Hopscotching from work to work, one is struck by the diversity and the way video and sound pieces bleed into each other, erupting in a tangle of disjointed music and voices. A violin emits a painful warble from a birdcage containing a 16mm film and a digital video piece by Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez. Parlor Tricks captures a melancholy bride running through a garden and then locking herself inside a jail cell. She fluffs her wedding veil and powders her bare legs while Gabriela Lena Frank's plaintive music adds a haunting quality. It's as if the bride-to-be is taking a whine for a walk as she skitters through the landscape before barring herself from the specter of marriage. Beneath the birdcage, a pile of rice is arranged like pigeon feed.

Diana Sofia-Estrada breaks the spell with her incantatory Ways of Making Love in the U.S. In the video, the artist faces the camera while hugging a bare-chested man with his back to the viewer. As she ticks off a list of her favorite foods — "goulash, ginger noodle salad, deviled eggs, blue corn enchiladas," and on and on and on — her menu begins to take on the metaphorical nature of the expansive table that the curator has set here.

Fulana's biting J.Lo music video rip-off, Lupe and Juan Di from the Block.
Fulana's biting J.Lo music video rip-off, Lupe and Juan Di from the Block.


Space Is the Place: Through September 25. Diaspora Vibe Gallery, 3938 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-573-4046, www.diasporavibe.net

For a gut-busting buffet of meaty offerings, Diaspora's heaping portions fit the bill.

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