Giving Voice

Cinema for grownups at the Jewish Film Festival.

Did someone punch his Adam’s apple? After audiences have spent an inordinate amount of energy pondering Batman’s voice, the Jewish Film Festival comes as a welcome relief. Forget Christian “Accused Mother-Assaulter” Bale; the characters in the festival selections have grown-up issues. Take aging writer Max Kohn (Otto Tausig) in Love Comes Lately. Kohn nods off on an Amtrak train and awakens with the sexual need of a desperate man. If watching lusty old men isn’t your bag, try watching lusty young women in Secret Passage. Two sisters flee the Spanish Inquisition only to find a vigorous Italian noble who tears the family apart. Both movies seek joy even in darkness, a unique talent of the Jewish community. (Eat your heart out, Batman.)

Grow up at the Cosford Cinema, University of Miami, 1111 Memorial Dr., Coral Gables. Screenings take place at 4:30 and 7 p.m. Regular admission is $11. Call 305-573-7304.
Sun., Aug. 17, 2008
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