Psychics Choose Obama

Hillary is a close second.

According to Huff's charts, Obama's moon is in Taurus, with Venus well placed. His translation: Obama can bring people together and is reaping fortune from past lives.

"I think Obama is quite strong, maybe stronger than McCain," Huff concludes. He notes that both candidates' charts show "they're beautiful people like, really, everybody is."

Do you think President Bush is a beautiful person?

"That's why he was elected — with his compassionate conservatism. But now we know,'" Huff huffs. "Hopefully he doesn't blow us all up by the time he goes out."

A few years ago, Psychic Queen Isis, a Boca-based clairvoyant who hawks her abilities for corporate events, predicted on Univision that youthful competition was coming for Hillary. Perhaps it was another woman, she thought. Apparently Obama was unexpected, even for a visionary. "I don't think any psychic could have said, 'There will be a young man of black origin,'" she admits. "We can't predict everything."

These days she's going with Obama. "In the history of America, the losers will become the winners. The game this time is for the Democrats."

Fran Baskerville, a.k.a the Singing Psychic, lives in Texas, but who could resist checking in with this former Howard Stern guest? Baskerville claims to have discovered her powers after a brush with death when an 18-wheeler backed into her Chevy in the late Seventies.

As her moniker suggests, her projections come in spontaneous songs. She is kind enough to strum one for New Times on her 30-year-old firebird red guitar.

Her aging vocal cords emit a sugarplum tone as she sings:

Oh, oh, yay. Hillary.

I had to say a sad goodbye to her.

Oh, oh, yay.

I don't think she'll be a vice president

'Cause Obama's wife just can't stand her.

But it looks as though

She's going to be more of a diplomat.

Oh, oh, yay.

Hey, hey, there.

It will be a tough fight,

But its looks as though, I'd say,

McCain will pull off with this.

Oh, oh, yay.

Things will look real good.

Hey, hey, there.

And the war won't last long. Oh no.

About a year and half.

And it looks as though

Our boys will be comin' home.

Back in Coconut Grove, Sandra Richardson pulls the emperor and prince of wands along with the ace of cups for McCain. For Obama, she randomly selects the cards of science, the knight of discs, and the fool.

"The fool carries a lot more energy than 'Oh my gosh — he looks like a fool!'" she says of the card with a wily green figure and a tiger biting his leg. "It represents the birth of newness."

But it also shows Obama must be careful with his choices. After mulling the six cards, Richardson asserts, "I do believe Obama is going to do it. I don't proclaim that I'm God, but I do have an 80 to 85 percent accuracy rate."

Click play to hear Fran Baskerville, the Singing Psychic, deliver her prediction:

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