Shack Attack

Grovites decry kiosks as empty vessels.

Ireland acknowledges she had the conversation with Beightol but insists the false information was unrelated to SUVs, Rudy Crew's son, or subsidized salaries. The attorney declined to be more specific.

She adds that the executive board also found probable cause that the three stewards have tried to recruit UTD members into a rival organization called Professional Educators Network, which Beightol denies. "We are not seeking to compete with UTD," he says. "We just want to work as a catalyst for change within the school system and the union."


Christopher Smith

Buy, Bye-Bye

N'Syncer's SoBe lunch winds up costing someone's job.

By Natalie O'Neill

On a Tuesday in early May, a scraggly-bearded Justin Timberlake popped into the Epicure Gourmet Market and Café on Alton Road with a few average-joe-looking friends. They ordered lunch at the deli counter, he stuffed a couple of bucks into the tip jar, and that was that.

But it didn't take long for the sleuths over at the People section of the Miami Herald to sniff out a celebrity in South Beach. Eating food! Which called for a story.

So a reporter phoned the market. Customer service manager Dianne Dean answered and spoke to the journalist, who wanted the juice on what Timberlake and his boys had eaten.

Dean transferred the call to Gloria Shores, a 30-year-old with long, tight dreadlocks, who had worked at the market two and a half years. "She told me to get on the phone and talk," Shores says. "I was following orders."

She provided a quick rundown: JT ordered a stuffed pepper with chicken, and his friends opted for tuna. When asked, she also listed other famous folks who frequent the market. They talked for two minutes; she went back to work and thought nothing of it.

Big mistake. When the paper came out the next day, one particular quote from Shores stood out. Following a sentence about Timberlake's two-dollar tip, she was quoted as saying, "Usually [stars] like Pharrell [Williams] and Fat Joe come in and never tip."

Two days later, she was fired. The general manager informed her she was being let go for speaking with members of the media, even though she says Dean, a manager, authorized the interview.

What's more, she says the reporter put words in her mouth. "She asked me if any other celebrities come in, and I said Pharrell and Fat Joe do.... Then she asked, 'Do they tip?' And I was like, 'No.'

"She twisted around my words."

Riptide left messages for the Herald's People section editor, Sara Frederick, but they were not returned.

Last week, Dean told Riptide that facts about the incident were "private information."

We were almost getting the feeling people don't like talking to the press. Then Shores phoned to give an update on her employment status: still no job. "I will never talk to the media again," she said. "After this."

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