Johnny Charles, Angel of Death

Local accused of being the most prolific serial killer in Miami history.

The carnage continued March 13, 2003, when the gang murdered Armstrong Riviere and Stephanie Adams in the parking lot of a North Miami Beach apartment complex. Riviere was an ATF informant in a case that involved one of the Terrorist Boyz. Charles and others drove into the parking lot of an apartment building at 15768 NW Seventh Ave. and unloaded 16 bullets into Riviere. When they saw Adams — a friend of Riviere not involved with gangs — Charles shot her once in the head.

Finally, on March 20, 2003, Charles was picked up for violating the house arrest on his 2001 armed robbery charge. From jail he wrote angry letters to gang members using code phrases ("on a mission" meant killing someone) and insinuating his boys weren't carrying out his wishes. "I'll send a nigga on a mission for me.... You told me ... I didn't have to worry. You lied. You left me to die." Charles signed the letter "The Angel of Death."

Incarceration didn't stop the fallen angel. On July 19, 2003, Jean-Marie killed Gertrude LaFleur , who was preparing to testify against Charles in the 2001 pistol whipping and cell phone theft. LaFleur was five months pregnant — and had dated Jean-Marie, court records show. Charles ordered the hit.

Kyle T. Webster

During the next four years, Jean-Marie, Benson Cadet, Max Daniel, and Robert St. Germaine — all Charles's henchmen — were arrested. It took a police task force to gather evidence. The gang's first grand jury indictment came in September 2007; the second one was last week. It's likely authorities will continue to probe whether Charles orchestrated other murders from his jail cell.

Charles's trial on several of the homicides is set for this summer. The Angel faces the death penalty.

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