Killers in the Can

The Escobar brothers are in jail for murdering a cop, but 20 years later, there's still no verdict.

Today the Escobars sit in county lockup. Douglas is detained on the maximum-security floor of Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Dennis is held in a secure cell in the pretrial detention center next door to the criminal courthouse.

Prosecutors will have a difficult time reconvicting Douglas, who didn't fire the gun and has mental problems, Lowy says. During his 25 years of practicing law, the attorney has never seen defendants wait as long as the Escobars for their day in court. "There is no excuse for not retrying them," Lowy says, "no matter how many attorneys you go through or delays caused by the defendants."

Victor Estefan was on the force 20 years.
Courtesy of Miami Police Department
Victor Estefan was on the force 20 years.

But for those who cared about Lieutenant Estefan, the Escobars have escaped punishment for too long. "These people are the scum of the Earth," Aguilar says. "They need to be taken off this Earth."

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