Death Becomes Her

Naked Stage makes morbid abstraction a little lively.

Kim Ehly and Katherine Amadeo
Paul Tei
Kim Ehly and Katherine Amadeo


4.48 Psychosis: Directed by Paul Tei. With Katherine Amadeo, Erin Joy Schmidt, and Kim Ehly. Through May 18. The Naked Stage at The Pelican Theatre, 11300 NE Second Ave., Miami Shores; 954-261-1785,

Perhaps Kane understood this deficiency, and it was her understanding that prompted her to give her script so much interpretive wiggle room for the cooler heads to bring it to life when she was gone. On paper or spoken aloud, Kane's words are beautiful and mysterious but tiresome after just a few minutes: monotonous, self-involved, and bleak beyond reason. Everything that saves them from that fate in the moment of performance relies on other things: on the wild, free aesthetics of Tei and the Amadeos, and on the moxie and verve of Kat Amadeo, Erin Joy Schmidt, and Kim Ehly. They gave life to Kane's walking death. They, not Kane, are the creative ones. Milling around after the show on opening night, they didn't look suicidal at all.

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