Art with Laughs

A new Lincoln Road show delivers the sting of comedy.

The artist obsessively ladles on the kitsch in Katie's Silent Screams. He depicts Tom Cruise's saner half as a fanged mandrill, jaws agape as she lays her Suri egg. The figure nests atop a tacky black urn brimming with blood-red gladiolas, beaded curtain tassels, plastic strawberries, and scarlet rhinestone hearts. A flock of blue glitter butterflies buzz the snarling monkey's gob, her tawdry hair weave accentuated by a delicate flower web.

An image near a window that froze passersby in their tracks during a recent visit was Hevel's celebretard homage to Anna Nicole Smith. He framed the late Tinseltown train wreck as a blue-eyed, harlequin-pelted, raw-boned bitch. The savory C-print depicts Smith as a scrawny whippet languishing on an ivory fur throw, suffocating under the weight of golf ball-size pearls, beaded pink curtain tassels, and an awful fright wig.

Like his fellow cutups, Hevel mocks the value of art with aplomb and leaves the spectator convulsing.

Baby William (Trump): You're satired!
Baby William (Trump): You're satired!


"What Are You Laughing At?": Through May 18. ArtCenter/South Florida, 800 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-674-8278,

The works in "What Are You Laughing At?" use subversive humor to not only yank the rug out from under the viewer but also break down barriers of taste and audience resistance. And that's no laughing matter.

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