Wait, Let Me Change Hats

Senator Geller does costly deals but shuns the L word.

Of course, it had been clear what property we were talking about. Chalk that up to a feeble attempt to muddy the waters.

"On the other piece of property, any discussions that I had with my client, including fees, are attorney-client privileged," he continued.

Invoking secrecy in a public land deal? Classy, Steve.

Steve Geller insists he isn't a lobbyist.
Steve Geller insists he isn't a lobbyist.

"We have some very different views here ...," Geller wrote. "I have the highest ethics, and not only don't cross the line, I don't come near it. I practice in the area of zoning and land use. You could argue that any legislator that appears in front of a judge has an unfair advantage, since we set their salary and judicial budgets."

But this isn't about something that happened in a courtroom. It's about Geller helping set up a sweetheart deal for a developer.

"You believe that I have some sort of unfair advantage," he concluded. "I disagree. I refuse to help you paint me in an unfair light."

Good idea. We'll just let the facts speak for themselves.

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