Toy Story

Religion and war might seem a strange mix, but ...

Pepe Lopez delivers the most playful vision with "Site-Specific Project." In his black-painted room, the artist has crisscrossed the walls with multihued electrical, packing, and duct tape, creating a voluminous, ribbon-thicketed abstract landscape of vines. Winding veins of reds, violets, and bony tans snake everywhere.

In the center of the room, Lopez balances what appear to be the entire contents of a Little Havana dollar store. The sculpture bristles with brooms, feather dusters, rakes, hula hoops, cloth flowers, and balls. Dashboard saints, mousetraps, rubber gloves, back scratchers, funnels, flip-flops, and the images of Che Guevara and Hugo Chávez flesh out the rollicking opus.

Lopez is riffing on Latin American street hawkers, who peddle everything from toasters to sticks of gum.

Suck on this one, fundamentalist pigs!
Suck on this one, fundamentalist pigs!


"Time-less Time," "Secluded," "Stay-at-Home Dad," and Pepe Lopez. Through June 6. Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, 3326 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-576-1645,

On the floor nearby lies the artist's "boom kit," containing adhesive bandages, toy soldiers, and a Molotov cocktail. Lopez seems hell-bent on clobbering fat-cat commerce and leaving the second bananas behind.

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