Punk Bunny

A word of warning: Punk Bunny shows aren't for the prude. In fact don't even bother heading to this concert unless you're superhorny and/or strong-stomached. The only thing you know for sure when you watch Punk Bunny perform is that you're going to get figuratively — and maybe literally — sexed up. Expect songs about fellatio, anal penetration, and ejaculation. Actually, that might be the entire repertoire of lyrical content for this (surprisingly standard) male/female duo. Take, for instance, the he-said/she-said lyrics from the song "Hunting for Your Love," off the band's new album, Take It!: "I'll make you squeal just like a pig/Just make sure it's nice and big."

Punk Bunny will make you squeal like a pig.
Courtesy of Punk Bunny
Punk Bunny will make you squeal like a pig.


With Otto Von Schirach, Dino Felipe, and Animals of the Arctic. Thursday, April 3. Studio A, 60 NE 11th St., Miami. Doors open at 9 p.m.; $10 in advance, $12 at the door; 18+ with ID. 305-358-7625, www.studioamiami.com

The electronic dance duo, which boasts a catalogue of only halfway-decent beats, really isn't that talented or aurally pleasing. But a stop off at their Studio A gig should be worth it, if only for the spectacle of the ordeal. You have to figure that the audience will either be laughing uncomfortably at the vocals or busting a move on the dance floor, trying to get theirs. Either way, that's something to see.

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