Cops Are Cranky

Miami spends $50K to find out the obvious.

In December, officials promised to build a better center with $1.8 million already set aside. Then they whetted Wynwood's appetite by pledging to find an extra $2 million.

Over the past two months, during community meetings organized by Miami en Acción, city officials have broken those vows, shaving off 3,000 square feet from the promised 10,000-square-foot center. "They don't want to invest in a low-income community. The new plan is an insult," says Saraí Portillo, an organizer with the community group.

Sarnoff tells Riptide he might have tapped a private contributor to chip in $400,000 to build a library and learning center at the park.

Mike Gorman

Gee and Richardson think the city doesn't care about people like them or their neighborhood. "This part," Gee says, pointing at the forlorn park around him, "it's like it's missing." — Janine Zeitlin

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