Marketing Mayhem

Da Hood Gone Wild creator takes cues from Joe Francis.

But if the person were standing outside the cordoned-off area? "Absolutely they would, and do, have the right on public property to take pictures," Storey says. The officers would be reminded of that, she adds.

Bensen decided it wasn't worth the hassle to stand up to studio goons, even though it was in defense of what he deemed "a harmless, normal activity in a public venue." But the next time something like this happens, it could be a different story, he says; he hopes then he'll be "committed enough to push for an arrest." — Deirdra Funcheon

Don't Move Here


It's too expensive to live here. We're suffering. And you can help: Don't move here. If you're thinking about it, just don't come. If we can deflate this housing bubble, we can afford to live here once more. It might take years. But in the meantime, it sucks here anyway. Don't come.

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