Blog Rave

The Internet and the rise of the Day-Glo, electro-hipster-house smashup.

He shies away from categorizing this emerging sound, though. "I think electro is not the right term to describe what is going on. It's not fair to pigeonhole it like that," he says. "I just played out in Brooklyn; I played a lot of electro-house, but everything from electro-house to indie-rock to old-school and new-school house to classic Michael Jackson.... I would say the stuff I'm producing is leaning toward electro-house, but I'm all about being a party DJ, just evolving with the show."

Kill the Noise — along with another member of Evol Intent — is also working on a project called Ludachrist. He describes it as a mashup comparable to Girl Talk but which applies more detail across genres such as classic rock, hip-hop, electro, and more obscure jams.

He, too, cites blogs as a key to his success. "I think people in this scene are hungry for new people; they want to know what the next new thing is," he says. "They spend a lot more time actively looking for new talent, which is a lot different from drum 'n' bass. [In that genre] there is a hierarchy established; the guys that are less established have to work harder to get their music heard."

Atlanta's Treasure Fingers boasts a drum 'n' bass past.
Courtesy of Contagious Musiq
Atlanta's Treasure Fingers boasts a drum 'n' bass past.


Treasure Fingers, Kill the Noise, the Villains, LA Riots, and the other artists mentioned in this story play several parties each during WMC. For full details, check their websites: Treasure Fingers,; Kill the Noise,; LA Riots,; The Villains, Also visit

As this diverse phenomenon continues to test the limitations of classification, more music, more producers, and more DJs will continue to break through on the web. Fans can rest assured they won't be putting away their dancing shoes anytime soon.

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