Naked Punch

Blake Fisher's nudes in nature pack a wallop.

Perhaps what's most amazing is that this exhibit, only Fisher's third, marks his first major solo show. Though the subject matter is not fresh, it does convey a sense he is blessed with more than just raw talent.

For those who might think the photographer squandered his vision as a shutterbug hack chasing a paycheck, think again.Several of the photos have already sold and been replaced with others. A hole was left in the exhibit when an out-of-town collector became hell-bent on taking one of Fisher's seductive pieces with him.

Coral Back: That's one reef that deserves protection.
Coral Back: That's one reef that deserves protection.


Through March 29. Miami Center for the Photographic Arts, 1601 SW 1st St, Miami; 305-649-9575,

The empty space is reminiscent of how the photographer's parents must have felt after Fisher made off with their magazine pictures.

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