Rappers' Slight

Flo Rida and Missy Elliott at Sunset Place?

In 2006, school board auditors discovered JESCA had accrued more than $145,000 in bounced-check fees and that the school district in two years had overpaid the agency by $114,000. One year later, the board severed its ties with JESCA after finding the agency owed nearly $300,000 in overdue bills.

It didn't help when the Miami Herald reported this past September that Rolle accepted campaign contributions and at least $10,000 in private donations to JESCA from developer Dennis Stackhouse, who received county funds for a project in Liberty City that was never built. Stackhouse has since been charged with reimbursing employees who contributed to Rolle's 2006 re-election campaign.

Mike Gorman

JESCA pays Rolle $179,253 and provides him with a V12 600 series Mercedes-Benz. "He got tired of being blamed for all of JESCA's problems," says a friend of Rolle's who does not want to be named. "And several government agencies had expressed an unwillingness to continue working with him." — Francisco Alvarado

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