Letters from the Issue of February 14, 2008

"I do not think we cyclists have a chance."

Ken Murray

Via web commentary

And he's obviously thinkin' about a move north: Isaiah Thompson's story about cycling in Miami was spot on. The lack of vision by city/county planners has been criminal. After my car was stolen in 1992, I spent a year Rollerblading roundtrip from the Beach to Flagler St., via the Venetian Causeway; I easily arrived before bus passengers. Unfortunately it took me several minutes to come down from the adrenaline rush acquired by playing "dodgem" with vehicles that refused to yield at red lights or stop signs. I still have scars from those days. However, the real stunner was finding it safer to blade in midtown Manhattan! These small quality-of-life issues prompt many of us to think the nickname "Magic City" refers to the miracle of surviving the day-to-day mayhem that Miami has become.

Joe Fitzgerald

Melbourne Beach

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