Greatest Show on Earth

A real circus comes to Miami Beach.

As Boitel and Cooper say their goodbyes and walk from the tent, the Gazillionaire stares longingly at the exit. He seems anxious and vulnerable, which makes him attractive.

"So what's you're idea of a perfect first date?" I ask.

"I like to get dirty on a first date, see where you can draw the line. Third, fourth date, anyone could do anything. First date you want to put caviar in your ass, eat it out, put a spiked collar on, act like a dog, and get beat like a little doggy."

Tony Gleeson


Spiegelworld runs daily through February 17 at Collins Park, 21st Street and Collins Ave, Miami Beach. General admission for Absinthe is $69, and Gazillionaire's Late Night Lounge costs $25. Visit or call 305-358-5885 for tickets and a complete schedule of events.

Which, to me, sounds like the greatest show on Earth.

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