Rudy for Prez!

Giuliani agrees with Miami: Screw the public.

Like Rafael Palmiero before him, Clemens claims the shots his personal trainer, Brian McNamee, gave him were lidocaine and B12, the latter of which is used to treat vitamin deficiency and is believed by some to help athletes recover from fatigue faster, Starr says. But the vitamin compound is also thought to work as a masking agent in urine tests for steroids and other PEDs, he adds.

"In the Seventies, B12 was very common in baseball," Starr says. "Players would come to me and say they needed a B12 shot, and I would tell them: 'I don't give shots.'" Lidocaine and injectable B12, it turns out, not only are prescription items, but also "trainers really shouldn't be giving shots unless directed by a team physician or doctor. You are putting a needle in someone; you can hit a nerve or blood vessel."

Starr is skeptical, but stops short of calling Clemens a liar. "With Clemens, it's very sad; he may be the greatest pitcher of all time," he says. "For him to be indicted, it's sad for the game and sad for him and his family." — Tovin Lapan

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