Letters from the Issue of January 17, 2008

"Miami has become a refugee camp."

They are part of a growing nationwide effort to clean up the farms. There's a lot of good information at www.foodroutes.org. Klein's story mentions Michael Pollan's book The Omnivore's Dilemma, which is great reading. The chapter about Polyface Farms in Virginia is proof that farming doesn't have to be destructive and can produce healthy products.

Sophie Annan Jensen

Lucerne, California

Scooped indeed: I just got around to reading Lee Klein's "Eat Shit and Die" (like an old-fashioned cow, I grab these long articles and then ruminate over them when I have the time). I liked the bit of humor he put into a very serious piece of writing, although writing of such a shitty subject does lend itself to such. I also liked the little dig at the Miami Herald, which once again, as I have told them time after time, has been scooped (oops) by New Times.

Rob Boyte

Miami Beach

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