Letters from the Issue of January 10, 2008

"How do you reconcile Thorp's catty comments with the original glowing review?"

David Tamargo


Unjust Sleeping Quarters

Oh, build 'em a home, where the molesters roam: Regarding "The People Under the Bridge" by Isaiah Thompson (December 13): I live in New Hampshire, and I think it is disgusting to make people live under a bridge. I would think that would be violating their rights. If you feel they should be in a certain place, then your state should build a special housing area for them. What right do you have to make them sleep outside under a bridge? Yes, they made a mistake, but by what I read, some of the charges are ridiculous. I think if they are child molesters, then you need to protect kids. Whoever came up with this idea for them to sleep under a bridge ought to try it. Yes, these people have problems, but I don't think this is a way of resolving it.

Janet Leeds

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