Danger in the Redland

A legendary Dade building official battles a homeowner ... and his own inspectors.

Three days later, Rubio and his wife went to the Stephen P. Clark Government Center in downtown Miami to meet with the mayor's representatives. But when they saw Danger was going to participate in the meeting, the couple left. "I don't trust Charlie Danger," he growls.

This past July, on different days, Danger reprimanded the four inspectors for insubordination and incompetence. McLean responded that he found no unsafe conditions at Rubio's house. He added that the building director blindsided him during their disciplinary meeting. "I felt humiliated and harassed as I was interrogated by Mr. Danger," McLean wrote. "[The Rubios] are just plain, hard-working folks trying to put their home and lives together."

Beauchamp, a big-bellied 69-year-old former plumbing inspector with a thick Southern drawl, worked for the building department from 1993 until his retirement this past July 25. Danger's reprimand for his approving the Rubios' plumbing was the only blemish in the inspector's personnel file.

Josefina and Rey Rubio want to live legally in their Redland home.
Josefina and Rey Rubio want to live legally in their Redland home.

Beauchamp claims Danger has created a hostile work environment for the inspectors. "Once he gets it in for you, you're a dead son of a gun," he rails. "I couldn't continue working in such a stressful, harassing, and depressing atmosphere. Employee morale is low.

"You gotta understand that salary isn't the problem," Beauchamp continues. "Heck, they give you shirts and shoes to wear, and they give you a car you can take home. I have never in my life had a better job than with the county."

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