Spence-Jones Faces Indictment

State attorney investigates ethically challenged Miami commissioner.

Moreover, just last week, prosecutors seized all the computer files from the Metro Miami Action Plan office on Flagler Street. The group, which helps low-income folks with housing and healthcare, doled out $75,000 to Spence-Jones's brother's business. County Manager George Burgess is expected to make recommendations for upgrading the agency's recordkeeping soon.

Curiously the second-in-command at MMAP is John Dixon, who was also the executive director of the Black Business Association. A MMAP spokeswoman couldn't comment about Dixon or the investigation.

During her November 26 speech, the 40-year-old Spence-Jones didn't mention her legal troubles. She did, however, say she's had to "cope with a hostile press" and listen to "naysayers and constant complainers."

Spence-Jones: V is for venal.
Office of Commissioner Spence-Jones
Spence-Jones: V is for venal.

She added, "When you are a public official — especially when you're young, black, and elected — people will always find fault with what you do."

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