Bigg Pimpin'

Local producer Bigg D's rise to the top of the charts.

Eventually the plates and glasses are cleared away, and after some more drinks and various strip club activities, Bigg D is back in the Bentley and driving to Audio-Vision Studios in Opa-locka. Once inside the large, dark room, D becomes like George Lucas editing Star Wars. Sitting behind the mixing console, he turns knobs, frequently holds up his thumb, and watches meters on the wall-to-wall apparatus. Two of his employees sit in front of their laptops, bouncing and mastering the tracks. The Miami native's hypnotic orchestrations blast from large amplifiers around the room and pulverize the sound-proof walls as people cram inside to witness this mad scientist at work.

Numerous socialites enter the room as if reaching Mecca after a pilgrimage. They offer Bigg D gifts. He slides on a pair of dark sunglasses and an expensive-looking hat as some representatives from the Ed Hardy clothing company thank him for the endorsement. He stands up and saunters over to an electronic piano on the other side of the console. The beat is booming as he hits the keyboard like Thelonious Monk. He loops various sound effects from the piano, and then he bends over and picks up a white Ibanez guitar. "That is the guitar you hear when you listen to that new Kanye song," says D's personal assistant, Zoe. He puts down the guitar and goes back to the mixing console. The room sits in suspense as he tweaks out the tone and resonance of a future hit song. "This one is for Janet Jackson," says a man bobbing his head.

Bigg D: Chairman of the boards.
Lam Vuong
Bigg D: Chairman of the boards.

After several hours of music-making, D stands up and announces he is going to the Heat game. Zoe gives me a ride in her car. She turns the radio on to 99 Jamz, as a Lil Wayne song plays. "Hear that music in the background? That's Bigg D."

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