Doppelganger Goes Down

Longtime con man Thomas Barrett Stringer gets caught

A forkful brings forth the sweetness of the dried fruits, undercut by the bite of the yerba buena-soaked rice. The tender richness of the pork makes me want to sweep Candida off her tiny feet and run off with her forever.

"Estoy buscando por un novio," she giggles when I tell her.

She doesn't seem to think there is anything special in her process and doesn't recall exactly how or when she learned to make nacatamales. "Every woman in Nicaragua knows how to do this," she says, tossing a hand. Nacatamales are only for the winter — around the time when Nicaraguan schoolchildren traditionally take their winter equivalent of our summer break.

Mike Gorman

"For me it's a hobby and I get to make a little extra money," she says.

What are her other hobbies? She blushes and flips back her frizzy hair. "Fiestas, cervecita, dancing, cervecita, going out, cervecita," she replies.

God bless Candida. And Merry Nacatamale Season. — Calvin Godfrey

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