Vote for Nudity!

It could get Simon Cruz elected mayor of Miami Beach

As for the "ad art" paid for by the "sponsors," Bustelo coffee, Stoli vodka, the Wolfsonian Museum, and the Standard Hotel: They don't get to keep their banners after the show. These ads are all now original artworks signed by Rodriguez, ranging from $700 to $6000 — about the same amount they cost to produce, the artist says. There's no public accounting required of Rodriguez, but he says the pieces are selling well, though he purports to be amazed at "the public's reception" of them.

Mike Gorman

"I've worked as an ad designer and know that most ad banners, after they have served a use, end up tossed. It's incredible that my Bustelo ad might end up on the wall of some collector's home." — Carlos Suarez De Jesus

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