Green's Video Gold

A hometown boy is the hip-hop glitterati's director du jour

Despite its shoestring budget, the clip looks amazingly lush and luxurious. Green's camera follows Sizzla around the emerald mountains and valleys of Jamaica as the famed bobo dread, dressed in a bright red rasta tunic, encounters various family members and friends.

"Sizzla is a very prolific artist, so it's hard for him to get proper funding for his various singles," Green says. "So I'm very proud of 'Thank U Moma.'" As thanks, Sizzla later invited Green to join him at his Jamaican commune.

Now, having created more than 70 music videos over the past six years, Green is thinking about his next move. Like many video directors before him, such as Don Letts and Michel Gondry, he wants to make full-length feature films. He has already established a film production company in Los Angeles.

Gil Green (right) on a set with Latin R&B crooner Frankie J.
Gil Green (right) on a set with Latin R&B crooner Frankie J.

Still, Green spends half of his time here. "There's not much flavor in L.A.," he says, "but that's where I need to be for the film script that I'm developing, which is about growing up in this melting pot of cultures that is Miami."

As for his ongoing projects with the hip-hop glitterati, Green wants to continue directing his fellow Miamians. "Working with them feels good, 'cause I remember these guys back then when it was just coming up and DJ Khaled was working on the pirate stations," he says. "We created our own subculture that started with Miami bass and Luke Campbell, and today we are seeing the results."

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