Letters from the Issue of October 11, 2007

"It's a pity you guys didn't show any nipples"

The restaurant seats about 30 diners and has a perfectly sized menu of about 40 items. Prices are reasonable. The wine list is adequate, with good and reasonably priced Italian and American wines.

After we ate, the Capas sat with us for about an hour after a 30-year-old video of Luciano Pavarotti had finished playing on their 60-inch TV set. They have been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years and at this location since two months prior to Hurricane Andrew, according to Carmen.

It is a wonderful little neighborhood restaurant that would have lines around the block if it were in New York City.

Mark Menachem

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In the story "A Cop, a Couple, and a Lot of Slime," on October 4, the address of Jay Senter and his ex-wife's nationality were misidentified. He lives on the 19th floor, and she is American. Also the private investigator who looked into employee complaints about John Davis was Patrick Franklin. We regret the errors.

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