Kendall Car Dealership Keeps on Giving

Justice in Motion minivan comes to the State Attorney’s Office

People from all walks of life showed up, from buff guys with pec implants and lipo-sculptured six-pack abs to an 86-year-old walking wrinkle who showed up just because it was "something to do." Pudgy? Fine. Pregnant? Come on in. There was even a female-to-male transsexual, in mid-process, with bright red surgery scars slashed across his chest where breasts used to be. But he still has a vagina. I know this because I saw it. As did everybody else there.

At naked photo shoots, there is no polite avoidance of the mention of one another's nudity. Everyone freely talks about everyone else's stuff — boobs, trimmed/untrimmed pubic hair, testicle size, the works. Yes, people actually will look at you and say, "Nice penis." (Although no one said that to me.)

Katherine Fernandez Rundle brakes for police cooperation
Katherine Fernandez Rundle brakes for police cooperation

No jewelry was allowed, much to the chagrin of a young female model named Lauren, who sported a shiny clit ring. Her solution was to perch herself on a ledge behind my head and straddle me, hiding the clit ring behind my neck. Then she rubbed her boobs all over my head, but that was just for fun. — Dan Renzi

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