Surprise Pregnancy Stuns EMTs

Kendall girl gives birth after complaining of stomach cramps

Another surprise: In his speech, Sarnoff struck a rather statesmanlike pose and spoke repeatedly about the need for Miamians to take up a "social contract." "Spend 10 minutes each day being kind to each other," he urged. "If you take care of each other, I guarantee the City of Miami will take care of you."

We couldn't help asking the commissioner what he was getting at. "I'm trying to suggest to Miamians that we need to care for each other," he told Riptide. "There's nothing more important than making Miami a more friendly and better-spirited place."

Mike Gorman

Apparently the commissioner is serious enough about making Miami friendlier that he's willing to put it on paper (he is a lawyer, after all). Sarnoff says he actually plans to introduce his "social contract" at the next city commission meeting, on October 11. — Isaiah Thompson

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