Letters from the Issue of October 4, 2007

"I reject claims that Timoney is bad"

Tigers are wild animals and need to be left in the wild. They are fully capable of killing and eating their handler at any time. You can never get the wild out of a tiger. There is no such thing as a tame wildcat. They are predators. If you believe wildcats can be tamed, I suggest you call Roy Horn and find out how he's doing. Keeping tigers in captivity is not only stupid, but also cruel to these big cats.

Gilbert Schwartz


Those Were the Days

You got it right: Compliments to Janine Zeitlin for the article about Humberto Aguilar ("Crime and Misdemeanor," September 6). As soon as I opened to that page, I immediately recognized him. Many people in South Florida have no idea the way things were 25 years ago. Miami and in large part the tri-county area were shaped by individuals and events from those times. I came into the business as Humberto was leaving, except we were on opposite sides of the fence. Once again, great job on the article. It was a pleasurable read.

Michael Hearns


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