O Me, O My

Oprah’s team of experts comes to enlighten us

Oprah Winfrey has always had her own strong and passionate ideas about, well ... everything. The best books, the coolest celebrities, the most fabulous food, the smartest weight-loss methods, and the hottest must-have knickknacks all get equally gushing play daily on her TV show, and monthly in O, The Oprah Magazine -- a publication that boldly reflects the vision of its fearless leader. O prides itself on doing almost exactly the opposite of what every other woman’s magazine does: encouraging readers to celebrate their unique loveliness and embrace their differences, rather than the typical chick-rag goal of beauty by any means necessary.

“What we try to do is remind women where beauty comes from. We take a smart approach. Our magazine has been somewhat subversive -- it’s important to look at yourself in a noncritical way,” says O’s beauty director, Valerie Monroe. The author of the monthly column “Ask Val” is coming to town with a few of Oprah’s closest and smartest friends to host O You!, an energetic day of workshops and seminars. Discuss work and juggling all the balls of life at the Dream Big session, pick up stylish home tips from Oprah’s go-to designers in the Comfort Zone, get weight-loss advice from doctors and fitness experts at Body Wise, and see Monroe -- alongside Stacy London of TLC’s What Not to Wear and Oprah’s personal chef, Art Smith -- cohost the Love That forum. Besides that, columnist Suze Orman and best-selling author Martha Beck will be keynote speakers, and O’s BFF Gayle King will be hosting on-site interviews for her XM satellite radio show, Oprah & Friends. We are so there! The event takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Registration is $125. Visit www.oyouonline.com to sign up.
Sat., Sept. 29, 2007
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