John Timoney, America’s Worst Cop

He has spent 138 days on the road in just a few years on the job. Who’s minding the Miami Police Department?

But Hernandez has other concerns about the chief. "That vote of no confidence by the union concerns me," he says. "There's a message that there is turmoil in the police department."

The chief's reaction is predictable: He has another trip on the horizon. On Monday, September 24, Timoney is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Worldwide Law Enforcement Consulting Group, Inc.'s conference on "proactive strategies for police management." It's at the Marriott Hilton Head Beach and Golf Resort in South Carolina.

Says Lorne Battiste, one of the many FTAA protesters awaiting adjudication of a lawsuit against Timoney and the police department: "I'm not surprised by anything that government officials do. Why should anyone feel that they are above the law? The laws should be written for everyone."

Drinking buddies: Timoney and Mayor Diaz
AP Wide World
Drinking buddies: Timoney and Mayor Diaz

Amount spent in 2007 (first eight months): $2413

Days away from the city in 2007: 18

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