Art Season Opens in Wynwood

And it's smattered with chaos, car crashes, and carnage

The night's biggest hoopla came courtesy of Anthony Spinello, who inaugurated his new Wynwood digs with champagne, pink balloons, and old-fashioned apple pie.

Rising art star Susan Lee-Chun uncorked the space with "Versus," her solo show featuring a suite of knockout Lambda prints in which the artist battles with her kooky alter ego. Lee-Chun delivered a head-turning performance during the opening.

As spectators crowded outside the space, a video monitor in the gallery's window facing the street featured the blond-wigged Korean artist dressed in plaid schoolgirl garb while trying to peel the skin off an apple in one swipe. Occasionally a disembodied hand would reach in from offscreen, whacking Lee-Chun on the noggin. Spinello mentioned that in the Korean culture, peeling a whole apple in one take symbolizes a major accomplishment akin to catching a fly with chopsticks.

Frankie Martin's Storm of Life: No mere day at the beach
Frankie Martin's Storm of Life: No mere day at the beach


Through October 27. Locust Projects, 105 NW 23rd St, Miami; 305-576-8570, Through October 6. Fredric Snitzer Gallery, 2247 NW 1st Pl, Miami; 305-448-8976, Through October 6. Dorsch Gallery, 151 NW 24th St, Miami; 305-576-1278, Through October 6. Spinello Gallery, 2294 NW 2nd Ave, Miami; 786-271-4223,

Inside the space, the artist — wearing a plaid vest, black leggings, and a unicorn headpiece — served onlookers spoonfuls of apple cobbler while humming Don McLean's "American Pie." One of her juicy Lambda prints, The End Is Here (Sioux marching away to the beat of her drum), portrays Lee-Chun's dingbat doppelganger at the supreme moment of triumph.

The artist's performance inside and outside the gallery backed up traffic on NW Second Avenue for most of the night and left Spinello glowing with self-congratulation.

It also signaled there's no limit to how far some will go to up the ante as the season heats up.

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