Letters from the Issue of August 23, 2007

"You publish this garbage here because you can"

As to Dr. Marta Perez, she neglected to mention that her Versailles dinner with Crew came six months into his administration, that it took place at 10:30 p.m., following a joint radio appearance on a show with a hostile host, and that Crew's day began at 8:00 a.m. and included back-to-back school board committee meetings.

Was he disinterested or just half-asleep?

Joseph Garcia

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Priscilla Screwed Us

Again: Things like what was illustrated in Tamara Lush's July 26 Metro, "Miami: Screwed Again," don't happen in a vacuum. Texas politics has taught me all I need to know about following the trail of avarice and cash.

My guess? Check out Rep. Priscilla Taylor and any association (visitor logs, registration, et cetera) with lobbyists who pull off the full-court press for developers and other parties interested in keeping the feeding trough of public funds well stocked for the near- and long-term. Despite the local real estate market tottering on the edge of collapse, the allure of Miami continues unabated, and folks with cash to burn will flock here to find the vibe. Ergo they will need posh digs to park their well-toned derrieres.

For all of his xenophobic charm, Lou Dobbs has hit one nail square on the head: America's middle class keeps getting squeezed. Miami's leaders ought to heed that lesson.

Gustavo Gonzalez III

Austin, Texas

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