Burger Sting

"I think that employees at Burger King earn more than tomato pickers"

Alvarez says the stinky muck is bubbling up because the new storm water pump station on Bay Road, installed by Miami Beach a year ago for about $700,000, gets overloaded in heavy rains, resulting in storm water drain overflow. More bad news for South Beach pedestrians: You're in for a smelly storm season. Alvarez says the pump will get fixed "hopefully by the end of the year." — Janine Zeitlin

More Housing Misdeeds

Mike Gorman

The Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust is in more trouble. The county-funded economic development agency has recently been the target of some scandalous stories in the Miami Herald, including an exposé on how the trust invested in a failed Liberty City biotech park. Now it's our turn: Earlier this week Riptide learned the trust paid $351,906 to an Atlanta-based development firm for undocumented and unauthorized work. To read more about the shady deal, go to www.miaminewtimes.com/riptide. — Francisco Alvarado

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